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Everybody calls me an expert, but I am just a mother who simply wants to provide what is best for my kids!!!
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My kid frequently lost his concentration during learning activities. He was shy and unconfident, he usually forgot his lessons from school and had a hard time in getting along with his friends.

That was the most difficult period that I – a mother of 3 children had been through during my time spending with my second son. The time I returned to Vietnam with my family when everything was so new and fresh. Aside from managing my new life, I still had to worry about my childs academic studies, I was very worried for my sons future during that period of time. But with the sense of a mother, I had always told myself that “My son is very smart”, that there was a reason for all of his problems, and everything would be all right once I figured it out.

With all my love, I looked into a lot of documents about childrens intellect and their ways of thinking, which is what guided me to the solution of Arithmetic Math – a method of developing a childs mindset through balancing the growth of their brains. This would create a foundation for their behaviors in future times. Like a miracle, my son could quickly adapt more efficiently in his study, he became more confident and it made me quite relieved. If there are parents who are currently in the same situation as I was, I believe that Superbrain can turn your problems in to pleasure when you see your childs improvement each day. I had experienced that same feeling myself after I applied the Arithmetic Math method to my son.

Mrs. Siraya Thapanangkun,
Founder of Superbrain Vietnam.

Superbrain Vietnam
Superbrain Vietnam


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