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Superbrain is proud to be the leader in developing mathematical intelligence to guide this method to children, to help thinking and develop intellectual intelligence optimally, well-balancedly and flexibly.


Every year on the summer, all Superbrain students across the country are immensely oriented towards a spectacular special intellectual playground organized by Superbrain Vietnam – where thousands of the young from all provinces across the country to gather in a large space – in order to test their computational skills and experience a lot of interesting things.

THE 8TH SUPERBRAIN INTELLECTUAL COMPETITION IN 2019 has officially returned. This is an annual activity of Superbrain Vietnam to bring a useful playground for children in Superbrain system nationwide with 105 establishments in 45 provinces and cities; gives children a beautiful memory in the summer.

gioi-thieu-ve-cuoc-thi-toan-tri-tue-toan-quoc-lan-8-2019-1-compressedThe Superbrain friends are “arousing potential” with excitement spreading throughout the hall

THE 8TH SUPERBRAIN INTELLECTUAL COMPETITION – 2019 took place on Friday, 28.06.2019 at Luxury Palace, 171 Nguyen Thai Son Street, Ward 7, Go Vap District, Hochiminh City. The competition attracted 1,200 Superbrain students from 4-12 years across the country.

gioi-thieu-ve-cuoc-thi-toan-tri-tue-toan-quoc-lan-8-2019-compressedSuperbrain teachers and students do not forget to save their memories together before the gate of the hall where the Math Intelligence Contest takes place

This year’s competition has a lot of interesting differences. With the desire that the playground is not the place where decide to win or lose among the contestants , but where they can show my confidence with their own talents. They are free to explore themselves, learn freely, have fun and make friends. Therefore, in addition to the Intellectual Section with the Calculating, Listening, Online Round as usual, the 8th Superbrain Arithmetic Math Competition has an additional section of Talents for candidates to have the opportunity to show their abilities; as well as help parents realize the potential of each child in many areas: singing, dancing, storytelling, MC, magic rhetoric … The special performances will be selected and performed by the Host on the day of the performance. The competition on stage ahead of more than 1,200 little friends.

In addition, the results are calculated according to likes & shares on Fanpage Superbrain Vietnam to select clips showing favorite talents and giving lovely gifts for the whole family.

gioi-thieu-ve-cuoc-thi-toan-tri-tue-toan-quoc-lan-8-2019-4Nationwide Superbrain Math Competition is an opportunity for Superbrain students to make friends

THE 8th NATIONAL SUPERBRAIN INTELLECTUAL COMPETITION is an opportunity for students to establish their achievements based on their potential; in which the children show confidence, respect with the spirit of “not winning, not losing,” because Superbrain believes that every child has his or her own potential, each child reveals his potential in many other ways.

gioi-thieu-ve-cuoc-thi-toan-tri-tue-toan-quoc-lan-8-2019-3-compressedSuperbrain spirit is clearly shown on the faces of young contestants – a spirit of “surpassing oneself”

The structure of the 8th SUPERBRAIN NATIONAL ARITHMETIC MATH COMPETITION prize has also been changed to bring more joy to many candidates. Especially this year, the winners in the Online round have the opportunity to receive scholarships for attending International Math Arithmetic Competition in Thailand, held every two years.

See more details of the contest here.

Take a look back at the memorable moments of the Superbrain Arithmetic Math Competition nationwide and look forward to the 8th NATIONAL SUPERBRAIN ARITHMETIC MATH COMPETITION 2019.

Please contact with your local training center for your children who are currently enrolled to register the 8th NATIONAL SUPERBRAIN ARITHMETIC MATH COMPETITION 2019 before 30.05.2019!

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