Superbrain Journey

After nearly 10 years of development, we are very proud with over 100 facilities across the country which had been a great assistant in the work of improving the intelligence for thousands of children in Vietnam.

In 2010, Superbrain Education was born with our greatest affection, we hope that our history will continue to be written by you, the ones who always wish what best for your children. We can help you achieve what you wish for through our strong foundation and nation-wild commercial franchising.

After 7 years of development, the Superbrain system has grown and expanded to over 60 facilities across the country. We are very proud with the number of training facilities of Arithmetic Math which is considered the biggest amount in the whole Southern region to offer our assistance in the work of improving the mindset of thousands of children in Vietnam.

Furthermore, Superbrain is proud to be positioned as a pioneer in the development of Arithmetic Math for children to develop the full potential of their mindset in a balanced and flexible way.

Considering our contribution to the community, Superbrain is pleasant to earn many great prizes, slowly spread our brand and establish great trust which had been approved by our own customers and even expertise organization.


Superbrain Certificates on Wood shelves

  • Trademark certification “MOST POPULAR BRAND 2012” granted by the Intellectual Ownership Central Association.

GCN-so huu tri tue

  • Direct trademark certification “GOLDEN MEMBERSHIP” of Vietnamese Business Council Network. Approved by Business Development Institute (02/04/2013)

GCN-Thanh vien Vang

  • Trademark certification award “REPRESENTATIVE BRAND 2013”.

GCN-thuong hieu tieu bieu 2013

  • Trademark certification title “BEST SUPPLIER 2013” granted by Vietnamese Business Council Network

GCN-san pham tot nhat 2013e

  • .Trademark certification “EXCELLENT BRAND 2015

GCN-thuong hieu Xuat sac

Superbrain Arithmetic Math – Trademark certification “Excellent Brand 2015

  • Superbrain certification for earning the title “MOST PRESTIGE BRAND 2017 – RADIANT BLOSSOM

  • Certification of “GLOBAL INTEGRATION IN 2018“, voted by MAGAZINE ENTERPRISE & TRADING.




On May 17, 2019, the 11:30-PM news on HTV9 broadcast the moment that Siraya Thapanangkun received the title of “Excellent Brand International Level 2019” with a deep pride.

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