With strong love of children and belief in the miraculous ability of every child. Superbrain understands that "Every child is smart in his or her own way".
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    Ms. Quyen – Director of Superbrain Ca Mau

    Superbrain Ca Mau


    Captain’s confession:

    After the training course in Superbrain Ca Mau, Ms. Quyen – Director of Superbrain Ca Mau shared her experience on Facebook.


    Happiness is knowing how to feel, to explore new things in life; is the urge to create new value, to achieve our long lost dreams.
    Happiness is when we figure out the joy from doing simple things in life. No matter who you are, what position or situation youre in, you always have a choice to earn a meaningful life.

    Ms. Quyen (in the middle – Director of Superbrain Ca Mau)

    Ms. Quyen (in the middle – Director of Superbrain Ca Mau)

    Perhaps when we achieve what we wished for such as wealth, promotion, a stable life, an ideal relationship….. we could feel happy.
    Happiness is when you get the job you were hoping for and bring value to the community, to everyone.
    Happiness is seeing your child growing each day, turning strong, clever and useful to society…..
    We are very happy to fulfill this task of provoking the hidden intellectual potential of your child. Because we understand that – The one everlasting treasure in each and everyone of us is Knowledge.


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    (Tiếng Việt) Cô Nguyễn Thị Thuỷ – Giám đốc Superbrain Phú Giáo

    (Tiếng Việt) Superbrain Phú Giáo

    (Tiếng Việt) Với tôi, đây là khoá học đặc biệt

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Vietnamese.

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    Captain Thai Thi Huyen

    Director of Superbrain Tan Phu - Ninh Thuan


    Captain’s confession:

    “Where I offer all of my passions and youth, the place that gives me tears and laughter. Where friends, colleagues and innocent children will always be by my side. The place where I built my dream, my passion that brings me here today. My beloved Superbrain family.
    When I was asked about my emotion for Superbrain, I think that there’s a word that perfectly describes how I feel, It is “love”. I love everyone who are constantly building Superbrain, I love the knowledge that Superbrain offers to its students and I especially love the laughter of children in this family.
    I have stayed with Superbrain for 3 years, which is quite enough time to witness my students’ improvement each day. Some of them came to us without even knowing anything about numbers and letters, or there were kids that refused to enter their class and kept crying, but now I’m standing here looking at their excitement while going to their classrooms, their confidence before an exam. There were days when students and teachers were eating and sleeping together to prepare for the national examination of Superbrain. I also witness all of their achievements, those are not just prizes and awards, It is the confidence in their eyes. Perhaps, if Superbrain has an award for the most emotional person, then maybe I would be the champion, because when I saw the efforts you guys put into something and couldn’t earn it, I cried; when I saw you getting an achievement you had been hoping for, I cried; when I saw you graduated from this school, I cried….
    Superbrain has given me countless emotions that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else in this world.”


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