Business Cooperation

Superbrain understands that, as parents, we can choose the best environment for your children to learn something new and develop their mindsets.

Become a Franchisee?

If you have already been a parent and are looking for a stable, available and firm business that can also improve the potential of your child….. You are more than welcome to join our grand family Superbrain Vietnam.


Superbrain Vietnam
Superbrain Vietnam

What is a franchise?

Franchise is a contractual relationship, between the franchisor and the franchisee, whereby the franchisor must propose or maintain continuous attention to the recipient's business in such aspects as: business secret business (know-how), staff training ...

Identify the potential

During critical times, our economy is badly affected; the consumption demand of every households must be carefully considered and limited. Therefore, every business investments during this period of time can be dangerous due to high risk. However, educational investment is always considered the safest route.
Superbrain Vietnam

Cooperation conditions

Partners who wish to cooperate to become Superbrain families need to ensure the following: good service and teaching; They have a lot of talent and are capable of financially ...

Join our grand Superbrain Vietnam family Which benefits will you get ?

Becoming an entrepreneur

Become a business owner in educational fields with solid brand.

Building an enterprise

You’re not creating this business alone, but with the assistance from a team of experts.

Standardization set-up

Supporting the construction of our office according to Superbrain’s standard and providing effective assistance to the business set up. Therefore shorten the startup period.

Superbrain’s brand

Inherits and benefits from business rights related to the existing and developed brand of Superbrain.

Partnership program

Benefitting from partnership programs initiated by Superbrain Headquarter with the purpose attracting many customers.

Legal formalities support

Receive advertising support on mass media and get introduced on Superbrain official website.

Recruiting and training

Curriculums are provided by experienced experts in the field of Arithmetic Math.

Management softwares

Provided with a student managing software, which allows business owners to be informed with the current situation at any time and any places.

Training softwares

Provided the right to use training softwares and advertising files owned by Superbrain: television, newspaper, banner, brochure, flyer….


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